We are a vertically integrated decentralized economy — including a network, nexus or interface, and token or other digital rewards — dedicated to economic inclusion and helping end global poverty by putting human needs first.
Consisting of the ANATHA Network, ANATHA Nexus, and ANATHA rewards token, Project ANATHA is a set of integrated applications — financial and social — that's powerful enough for the professional, easy enough for the novice, with Decentralized Human Readable Addresses and featuring a global reward system — the ANATHA Torus — in which value generated by the network is returned to the community every block.
The legacy financial system has failed—and is in fact engineered to create poverty. By putting the needs of capital above the needs of human beings, it has created poverty on a enormous scale. Today, nearly half of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — lives on less than $2.50 USD a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 USD a day.
And even if we wanted to give them money, we couldn't as they live outside the terms of the existing financial system.
This leads to all kinds of suffering — disease, violence, war, depression. But it also creates untold inefficiencies as all those people who have to fight to survive are not able to participate in the global economy, not able to contribute their talents to the common good. This is structural violence and it is unsustainable. Meanwhile, philanthropic efforts have to build new structures of distribution before they can consider how to deliver aid where it's most needed. This is a massively an inefficient system, at best, and devastatingly cruel at worst.
At Project ANATHA, we are pragmatic idealists who believe that decentralization offers the opportunity for global meaningful economic inclusion that creates what we call structures of flourishing — an economy not based on the zero-sum logic of extraction but on the collective prosperity of abundance. Such is the promise of the Information Resource Economy.
By building an integrated nexus of applications that includes digital personhood and meaningful access via a global rewards program that returns value generated on the network back to that network continually and constantly, we are creating a new decentralized economy in which every individual action contributes to elevating everyone's economic standing, helping to ensure that everyone is above the global poverty line.


On a macro level, the legacy financial system puts the needs of capital before people. The results include vast wealth discrepancies, massive global poverty, and lost productivity of people who struggle just to survive.
Meanwhile, existing philanthropic efforts to solve poverty face two major obstacles: an inability to get money into the hands of the unbanked. And the capital heavy demands of building new infrastructures to distribute monies. Both create incredible inefficiencies.
On a micro level, existing decentralized solutions for inclusivity and banking (DeFi) tend to be overly complex, optimized for computers and those in the know rather than for mass adoption. And while today's DeFi tools are providing access to banking, this does not create inclusion in the flow of value — or what we call "meaningful access."


A vertically integrated decentralized economy consisting of the ANATHA Network, the ANATHA Nexus, and ANATHA Rewards — that fosters economic inclusion while creating a structure of flourishing that helps individuals elevate above the global poverty line — moving DeFi from the issue of access to meaningful inclusion in the flow of value.
We offer simple digital personhood through the Human Protocol, a Decentralized Human Readable Address System (HRA).
We create a structure of flourishing with the ANATHA Torus, a rewards system in which all value created on the network is distributed every ~10s according to the Global Distribution Plan.


A vertically integrated experience that includes a blockchain-based name service which allows people to use @name for all cryptocurrency addresses; a robust wallet application that serves as the core of the name service ecosystem; and a utility token that provides access to the name service; and functions as the rewards system within the ecosystem in which participants receive ANATHA tokens as rewards through various feedback loops.


User activity on our platform is represented through ANATHA tokens moving between users and services. This value flow is shared with human address holders roughly every 10 seconds (During the "bootstrapping" phase of the launch, these rewards are earned, but not usable, until the network is 1 year old). The Global Distribution Contract distributes 50% to human address holders; 25% to security token holders; and 25% to a community-driven development fund. Following the bootstrapping phase, the ecosystem will adopt decentralized governance allowing the community to revise these percentages through consensus.


A Decentralized Human Readable Address System.
Using the Cosmos/Tendermint platform as a basis, the ANATHA SDK provides access to the Human Protocol built into the ecosystem's custom blockchain solution. This is ANATHA's open-source, permission-less, human-readable address system. Send/Receive tokens without QR codes or pasting long, unreadable addresses. Instead, a simple @Name in the address field will allow you to send peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions to an address you can actually memorize and share with one another in a normal conversation.

ANATHA NEXUS: FEATURES (the Wallet Application)

Multiple Profiles in One Application

ANATHA allows users to create multiple instances inside of a single application, each with their own user address and portfolio tracking, resolving a huge pain point for anyone seeking to manage money for different purposes or different people simultaneously.
  • Each profile is independent and secure with its own password and recovery.
  • When logged in, you can see across portfolios to compare balances and performance.

Portfolio Tracking

Managing the utter deluge of data points that is inherent to digital asset management often requires jumping between numerous applications and keeping separate notes. This process is not only daunting, it's inhuman and a barrier to entry even for seasoned professionals. By integrating customizable portfolio tracking — compare portfolios and coins over custom time intervals — we allow users to focus on what matters.

Personalization with Multiple Themes

We believe in the power of design to shape experience and the very quality of life. One element of this is the development of different themes and colors to choose from to create the look & feel that suits you.

In-App Arbitrage (coming soon)

We offer numerous arbitrage options made available as they come online, starting with the industry favorites, CHANGENOW and CHANGELLY, and eventually including automated arbitrage via decentralized exchanges and atomic swap capability as the best methods for doing so become apparent. In addition, we offer a default function in which arbitrage automatically selects the best exchange rate available.

Multi-Currency Support

At launch, we will support ANATHA, Atom, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Omnisego, Ripple, Ox, TrueUSD. Project ANATHA will integrate new tokens as they become available along with a bounty system, paid in ANATHA, to add tokens to the Nexus.

Multiple Data Visualization Options

While professionals working in the space have standards and norms they expect to find in any portfolio tracking application, we believe that there is room for growth and variety in the field of data visualization. We, therefore, offer multiple visualization options and have ongoing bounties for community-driven design.

Automated Recovery Tool (ART) (coming soon)

An obvious dilemma digital currencies face is personal catastrophe: How will loved ones access your coins? A simple “dead man’s switch” integrated into the application means users' wishes will be carried out to their exact specifications automatically should the worst happen.

Memos (coming soon)

The ability to add a memo to transactions — a basic function of any banking application.

ANATHA Savings Account

Participants will have the option to place their tokens into a savings account in which they can earn "interest."


The details of the tokens in the ANATHA ecosystem are detailed in the tokens section.


We will continuously develop and update ANATHA to be the best product and experience possible for the community.

Q2 2018: Inception

The team is assembled. We'd already been working together — many of us for years, even decades — but at this point, we all focused on this project.

Q2 2019: Design + Build

Strategic partnerships developed. Website launched. UX defined. The build goes full throttle

Q3 2020: Soft Launch/MVP Release for Desktop and Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

  • HD Wallet, Send/Receive, Exchange
  • Decentralized Human Readable Addresses (@name)
  • ANATHA Torus for Native Users
  • Portfolio Tracking & Reports
  • Multiple profiles in one app instance
  • Personalized themes
  • Support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, and Zcash
  • ANATHA currency official launch (purchase)

Post Soft Launch: Phase 1

  • Peer to Peer Encrypted Messaging with DeHRA Integration
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Options
  • Automated Recovery Tool
  • Automated ERC20 Scanning and Token Adding
  • In-App Smart Contract Issuance
  • Custom Reporting

Phase 2

  • Integration with a Pre-Paid Debit card partner
  • Expanded Arbitrage tools and options
  • In-house DEX
  • In-app Token Issuance

Phase 3

  • Tokenized Social Sharing with Rewards for Creators and Curators
  • Lockup Period for Security Tokens
  • Ledger/Trezor Compatibility
  • Paper Wallet/ Cold Storage


ANATHA is derived from Anathapindika — "feeder of the helpless” — a lay disciple of the Buddha who, through generosity and entrepreneurship, helped Buddhism, people, and himself prosper. This is our mission: to help create new ways of transacting in which everyone prospers.

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