Register an HRA (Human Readable Address)

How to purchase Anatha and register an HRA
  1. Got to the Point of Sale Dashboard to purchase your Anatha. (Coming Soon)

  2. See "Adding Token to your Wallet - Receive" to get the receive address for your purchased Anatha.

  3. Click on the hamburger menu and click REGISTER HRA button.

5. Enter the HRA name and make sure it's available then click REGISTER button.

5. If you have enough Anatha tokens, you will directed to the PURCHASE HRA page. Confirm your purchase by clicking the PURCHASE button.

6. You will see the "CONGRATS" page when you have successfully registered your HRA.

7. Go to Hamburger Menu | Settings | HRA to set up your default HRA address.

8. You can view your Asset public addresses (Atom, Bitcoin Cash, etc.) attached to your HRA by clicking on "View Token Addresses" in the top left of the HRA list.